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Social Value Plus Community Interest Company is here to help businesses maximise the return on their social value activity by delivering strategically driven outcomes that address their customers’ priorities.

Our ambition is to help businesses create competitive advantage through a strategic approach and deploy the right management tools to deliver added social value.

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07504 515053

0121 647 1960 (Ask for Shariat)


Rokneddin Shariat  BSc, MBA

Shariat is a business consultant with extensive experience across private, public and the third sector.  His first 10 years’ experience was focused on IT integration in multinational companies with extensive international travel and a period of 2 years living in Germany.  This was followed by another long spell in managing publicly funded business support programmes at Birmingham Chambers of Commerce.  Over the last 5 years, Shariat has led the establishment of social value policies, procedures and practices at Birmingham City Council, including the Birmingham Business Charter for Social Responsibility.  This is recognised as best practice example of implementing Social Value in Local Authorities.  He has also contributed to the development of the West Midlands Combined Authority’s social value policy.  Shariat’s experience includes a thorough study of various social value measurement methodologies as well as developing an automation system.  He is the founder and director of Social Value Plus Community Interest Company.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Social Value Portal. The Social Value Portal and Social Value Plus will be collaborating to support the delivery of social value services in the West Midlands. Our local expertise and track record in tendering support will complement The Social Value Portal’s procurement, measurement, management and reporting portal to offer a comprehensive service to our clients.

The Social Value Portal’s national presence and ongoing development of the TOMs methodology will help us to bring our clients a complete solution. As this methodology is adopted by local authorities in the West Midlands and nationally, we can help you to stay up to date with the latest developments in social value measurement and reporting.

This partnership marks an important milestone in our development and our offer to our clients. It is through the systematic planning, recording, measuring and managing our activities that we can make social value an integral part of the business, delivering social outcomes. Ask us for a demo by calling 07504 515053 or by email shariat@socialvalueplus.org You can also see this announcement on https://socialvalueportal.com/partnership-social-value-plus/